About this site future…

The site of one Engineer is still under construction, but work is going well and here will be some more news.
All my projects will be based on Texas Instruments (TI) microcontrollers, controllers and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chips. Why? Because I like TI product more than everything else I worked in my professional life and … OK, we can discuss it later and I’m flexible 🙂 .
First project is Sensorless Brushless DC controller (BLDC controller can be powered from 3.3V till 8.4V and drive 6A), uses MSP430FR5949. That was really implemented and includes three PCB boards:

– microcontroller (0.5″x1″ size);
– everything else (0.5″x1″ size, mosfets bridge, etc.);
– Mother Board (A.K.A. “development board” with JTAG connector and USB UART serial interface).

Yes, I like drones (I hope they will be “decision making”) and decided to start from BLDC controller in my long term multiple projects journey… and yes I will tell about myself later.
All I’ve done will be here soon with algorithms descriptions, schematics, pictures, video… and some code too 🙂 .

See you soon.

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