Updated Hardware Init file and more

Since last publication have been implemented:

  • Rotor Position Detection Algorithm;
  • Three motor wires integrity control;
  • 16 MHz clock now with wait states for 8 MHz FRAM;
  • PWM regulation has 256 steps for 31.250 kHz or 512 steps for 15.625 kHz;

Start an implementation of Fuzzy Logic speed regulator (closed loop).

Hardware Init file has now initialization almost all parts of BLDC controller:

  • Clock 16 MHz;
  • LFXT 32kHz crystal pins initialization;
  • Real Time Clock;
  • pins: GPIO, six output PWM, five inputs ADC12 and input for capture TA1;
  • eUSCI as full duplex UART interface configured for 460800 bps;
  • 31.25 kHz PWM timer TB0 with 256 steps of control;
  • TA0 for six phase switching;
  • TA1 for “standard” external speed control (1…2 ms PWM);
  • ADC12 5 channels: 3 – BEMF and 2 – voltage and current;
  • DMA for UART communication;



Sorry for some delay in an updating this web site

I’m working on an speed and efficiency optimization of a motor start up with an estimation of a rotor position.

In close proximity is development of hardware and firmware for a remote measurement of a motor temperature. This can control a motor against overheating, especially in a racing conditions when fast acceleration is needed.

Second, I’m starting a development hardware and firmware for a setting desired motor rotation direction automatically, when counterclockwise (CCW) or  clockwise (CW) propellers are used.

Published a zipped project

To see if this will be interesting for somebody I’m publishing this project step by step.

I’ve decided to use Texas Instruments (TI) Code Composer Studio (CCS)  only, because it doesn’t have any limitations, works for all TI embedded processors and, yes, it is FREE.

New content

In close proximity I start to fill web site with more detailed content. It will be hardware with short (I don’t like write too much) description, schematics and top of PCBs layouts.

Design Description is in a process and will include Mother Board (MB), Processor Board  (PB) and Application Board (AP).

The first implemented PB is microcontroller MSP430FR5949 based that can be powered from 2.5V to 24 V with 3.3 V on board LDO.

The first AB is Sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) controller that can be powered from 3.3V to 8.4 V, support current up to 10 A and has a current sensor.

Stay tuned.