1. Proving “modules based approach – Modular System” for building digitally controlled electronic devices and systems, where a Processor Module (PM) is an  independent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with a connector (socket) making accessible ALL embedded controller pins.  The Texas Instrument (TI) embedded processors will be used as a start for a development of this and all next projects.
  2. Developing as a first project the sensorless Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Controller hardware and firmware based on the described above approach.
  3. Developing a plain universal Debug Module (DM) for the Processor and Application (PM and AM) modules to support a firmware implementation, debugging and programming. This DM: a) supports a connection of PM and AM; b) has 0.100″ pitch two rows connector to make easy access to ALL embedded processor pins; c) has 14-wire JTAG connector and UART-USB bridge for a serial interface with a PC.