Modular System (MS):

  • Debug Module(DM) 
  • Processor Module(PM)
  • Application Module(AM)

This platform is 100% open source and ready to develop a Sensorless BLDC Controller firmware and available for purchase from c-firmware upon request.

AM can be connected to PM after a switching algorithm has been proven to prevent MOSFETs failures in case of a wrong switching. Save your efforts and money.

It is a cheapestsimplest and smallest platform you can find for developing a Sensorless BLDC Controller firmware for the copters etc., where you can use affordable DC motors. A working firmware will be preloaded. The source code is closed and can be bought, if such an interest will be.

Using the most contemporary 16-bit ultra low power FRAM TI microcontroller (datasheet) with this kit you can get knowledge, experience and skills required for a Firmware Engineer.

AM and PM connected tightly together can be used for RC copters, airplanes etc., they are small and light.

You can use PM independently from DM and AM using JTAG and UART pads for a firmware development and debugging.

1.1   Debug Module (DM)

  • modularity (can be used with different Processor and Application Modules)
  • JTAG 14-pin terminal
  • Micro USB Type B Connector and serial UART to USB IC
  • powered externally or from emulator 
  • available up to 36 processor’s pins

1.1.1   Debug Module (size 2.8″ x 1″)

1.1.2   Schematic 

1.1.3   PCB

1.2   Processor Module (PM)

  • modularity (can be used with different Application Modules)
  • 3.3…24 V input voltage, 150 mA LDO (datasheet)
  • MSP430FR5949RHA microcontroller  (datasheet)
  • 32.768 kHz crystal 
  • JTAG interface pads
  • UART interface pads
  • all 34 (from 40) usable PINs available 
  • small form factor: 1″ x 0.5″ 

1.2.1   Processor Module (size 1″ x 0.5″)

1.2.2   Schematic

1.2.3   PCB

1.3   Application Module (AM) – “Sensorless BLDC controller”

  • modularity (can be used with different Processor Boards)
  • up to 8.4V and 6A (12A MOSFETs)
  • Current Sense Amplifier with gain 50
  • Current Sense Resistor – 1/4 watt, 0.01 ohms, 1%
  • power pads
  • remote speed control pads (for 1…2 ms == 0…100% PWM)
  • small form factor: 1″ x 0.5″ 

1.3.1   Application Module (size 1″ x 0.5″)

1.3.2   Schematic

1.3.3   PCB